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Mijn vrijgespeelde prestaties. 20/85

1.Hammer & Anvil-Attack an enemy unit in the rear whilst it is already engaged with another.17/02/2015
2.Raw Recruit-Fight and win a single campaign land battle.17/02/2015
3.Ram has touched the wall-Play and win 1 campaign siege battle. 17/02/2015
4.To formation!-Be in a formation while engaging an enemy. 17/02/2015
5.Siege Engineer-Field a ballista or onager unit during a campaign siege battle. 17/02/2015
6.Cost-effective Killer-Fight and win a campaign land battle where you have spent half or less on units than the enemy.  17/02/2015
7.Iron Resolve-Your infantry unit recovers from wavering 3 times during a single campaign battle. 17/02/2015
8.Semper Fi-Rout a land unit with a marine unit during a campaign battle. 17/02/2015
9.All-Rounder-Research at least 1 technology from each research category. 19/02/2015
10.The Power of Three-Capture 3 settlements during the Grand Campaign. 20/02/2015
11.Scorched Earth Policy-Completely destroy one of your own settlements to prevent it falling into enemy hands.24/02/2015
12.Regular soliderFight and win 5 campaign land battles. 24/02/2015
13.Very Cheap Labour-Control a province in which 5% of its income is derived from slaves. 24/02/2015
14.Seasoned Besieger-Fight and win 5 campaign siege battles. 04/03/2015
15.Bloodthirsty-Kill 10,000 enemy in battles. 10/03/2015
16.The Gothic War-Complete the Prologue Campaign. 10/03/2015
17.A Scourge is Born-Ensure your faction survives until Attila the Hun is born. 17/03/2015
18.Social Climber-Arrange a promotion for a member of your family.17/03/2015
19.Boarding Action-Successfully board a ship during a naval battle.25/10/2015
20.Cupid's Arrow-Arrange 20 Marriages.31/10/2015

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