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1.Unnecessary Force.(Completely wipe out an enemy unit.) 18/03/2011
2.Commander of Commoners. (Keep at least 4 ashigaru units for a whole battle without routing once.) 21/03/2011
3.Head-Hunter. (Collect 10,000 heads of enemy soldiers.) 24/03/2011
4.The Army on the March. (Win 25 land battles.) 24/03/2012
5.Hard Pounding (Call in naval fire support during a land battle. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 24/03/2012
6.Double Dragons.(Create a second avatar for use in avatar conquest mode.) 24/03/2012
7.Modernisation. (Defeat a Shogun 2 army with a Fall of the Samurai army. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 27/03/2012
8.Forged in the Hottest Flame.(Win your first multiplayer battle. ) 27/03/2012
9.Spreading Like Wildfire. (Defeat a Creative Assembly staff member in battle, or anyone else who has gained this achievement.) 27/03/2012
10.Embrace the New.(Attain the maximum level of clan development. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 31/03/2012
11.Gateway to the West.(Playing as the Satsuma, construct a trade district and trade with a foreign power within the same campaign. [Fall of the Samurai only]) 01/04/2012
12.Experienced Taisho. (Play 10 multiplayer battles of any type.) 03/04/2012
13.Balanced Attacker. (Win a battle using an army composed of at least one of every class of unit (sword infantry, cavalry, archer, matchlock, spear, naginata). 09/04/2012
14.Carve a Path. (Capture 15 provinces on the avatar campaign map.) 15/04/2012
15.Exceptional Warriors. (Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 4.) 16/04/2012
16.Battlefield Dominance. (On maps with more than one key building, your alliance shows its dominance by holding all of them simultaneously.) 17/04/2012
17.Swift and Deadly. (Win a multiplayer battle losing less than 15% of your starting troops.) 28/04/2012
18.Claw of the Tiger.(Win 25 matchmade battles in multiplayer.) 04/05/2012
19.Fear No Horseman.(Win a multiplayer battle using no spear units in your army.) 17/05/2012
20.Serve with Honour. (Join a multiplayer clan in Shogun 2.) 29/05/2012
21.Stranglehold.(Your clan holds 5 provinces simultaneously on the multiplayer clan campaign map.) 29/05/2012
22.Loyal to the Clan. (Personally earn 20 clan tokens.) 03/06/2012
23.Heroic Warriors. (Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 9.) 17/06/2012
24.Bringer of Death. (Win 50 matchmade battles in multiplayer. ) 29/06/2012
25.Inspiring Counterattack. (Successfully rally 5 units at once with one use of the general's rally ability.) 08/07/212
26. Not On My Watch. (Chase down and rout an enemy unit as it tries to escape the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 17/07/2012
27. A Journey Begins. (Play a historical battle. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 17/07/2012
28. Uphill Struggle. (Win the Battle of Osaka after both bridges get blown up by the defenders. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 28/07/2012
29. Rule, Britannia! (Win a battle with British ships in your navy. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 08/07/2012
30. Embrace the New. (Attain the maximum level of clan development. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 31/03/2012
31. A Warrior's Bane. (Sink an HMS Warrior-class ship. [Fall of the Samurai only] ) 08/07/2012
32. Redoubtable. (As the defender, recapture a tower. ) (08/07/2012)


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